online run coaching

Join Pace from anywhere in the world with an online, personalised

program delivered via either a training app or email.


Programs designed by coaches accredited with Athletics Australia
Goal-specific sessions

Tailored program to suit your lifestyle and commitments

Race planning and mentoring

Regular check-ins from your coach

Flexibility in your program

Dedicated professional running coach

Recovery technique

Goal setting session

Analysis of sessions via the app

Trail running tips (if relevant)


Training programs by Pace are personalised to you! So they are always suitable for any level - beginner to elite. We specialise in developing programs for goals ranging from 5km fun runs to 50km Ultra marathons. If your looking to increase your training, find your speed, make the move to trail running or have any other goal then Pace coaching is for you. 


Pricing for personalised training starts at $80/month for ongoing app-based coaching. We also offer short-term programs for specific targets. 


If you are in the Goulburn area we can also provide personal run coaching one-on-one or for small groups. Keep an eye out for our run club events in the future!


Interested? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals and our coaching offerings.