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Yoga Teacher
Accredited with Yoga Australia

Olivia Stutchbury

Join PACE at our Goulburn weekly classes, schedule a private class or stay tuned for more options coming soon.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a balance of mind, breath, mobilisation and movement and can be extremely beneficial for reducing stress, releasing tension and building strength and fitness. PACE classes are suitable for all but can also be the perfect antidote for stress placed on the body from running, cycling or any other activities.

How long are the classes?

Our weekly classes are an hour long. Private classes are flexible to suit individual needs.

What's needed for class?

All you need is a mat, comfortable clothes and a water bottle. We also ask that you come with an open mind and respect for others in the class.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

The yoga taught at PACE has two purposes, being recovery and performance (or recovery and fitness). It is designed to achieve particular objectives, which result in the following benefits:

RECOVERY -                                                         PERFORMANCE - 
- Active release of stress and tension                 - Improves balance and control
- Improvement of sleep quality                           - Develops greater body awareness
- Reduces aches and pains                                  - Increases core strength
- Relieves fatigue and anxiety                             - Enhances coordination
- Improves focus and mindfulness                      - Assists with weight management 

- Increase mobility and range of motion            - Speeds up recovery and reduces off-time


What style does PACE teach?

PACE classes include a range of yoga styles with focus on alignment, strength, mindfulness and clear purpose. Classes are non-spiritual and are designed for accessibility - beginners are most welcome.

Who is PACE Yoga for?

PACE is for everyone, both athletes and non-athletes, and you definitely do not need to be flexible to join! We do, however, recommend seeking advice for a medical professional before coming, especially if you have exisiting health conditions or injury.

See our bookings page for the current timetable or for private classes, contact us via the form below or call 0438326440 to arrange a free consultation.